The mission of Curtis A. Strange, a learning family including students, parents, community and staff, which values diversity and academics by focusing on meaningful individualized instruction in math and literacy while fostering mutual respect through the collaborative efforts of our family.

Curtis A. Strange Elementary Objectives

  • All students at Curtis A. Strange Elementary will meet or exceed the district and state identified proficiency levels for performance in literacy, math, science and social studies no later then 2013.
  • All students at Curtis A. Strange Elementary will consistently demonstrate responsible, safe, and respectful behavior within our diverse school community.
  • All students at Curtis A. Strange Elementary will actively participate in meaningful activites integrating the arts and academics.

Curtis A. Strange Elementary Tactics

  • We will implement effective instructional strategies in our curriculum to increase all students’ performance.
  • We will develop and implement a collaborative system that engages students in meaningful activites integrating arts and academics.
  • We will research, develop, and implement plans to model, reinforce and recognize responsible, safe, and respectful behavior.