Technology Expectations

Computer Labs


  • Stay seated. (seat on the seat)

  • Don’t play with cords or wires.


  • Clean hands.

  • Keyboard quickly but gently.

  • Report problems.

  • No food, gum, or drinks!



  • Listen and follow directions.

  • Erase on the chair, and brush the crumbs to the floor.

  • Only touch your computer.

  • Straighten your area before leaving.

(headphones to the right side of the computer, mouse, mousepad, and keyboard straightened, chair pushed in)  Don’t move tables around.



  • Use only your assigned iPad
  • Make sure your hands are clean
  • No food or water
  • Carry iPads properly
  • iPad needs to be on your desk
  • Only work with apps that are assigned
  • Passwords are private
  • Only touch another person’s iPad with permission
  • Close all apps when finished
  • DO NOT update iPads
  • Notify teachers of any inappropriate use of iPads



  • Use only your assigned Chromebook.
  • No food, drink or gum near Chromebooks
  • Use clean hands.
  • Walk with your Chromebook.
  • Hold your Chromebook with two hands.
  • Keep your Chromebook flat on your desk only. (Not on your lap or on the floor.)
  • Don’t open desk with Chromebook on it.
  • Open/close the Chromebook carefully; make sure no pencils or objects are on the device when closing it.
  • Always plug in the Chromebook when you are finished using it.
  • Keep the lid at a 90 degree angle.
  • Keyboard gently.
  • Con’t change the background or avatar without your teacher’s permission.
  • Only go to sites your teacher allows.
  • Check email during appropriate times or when your teacher allows.
  • Only use your email for school.